XJS Model History - A Rough Guide

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Production Cars 

The Special Cars

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Jaguar Lister XJS 1980's

The first Jaguar Lister XJS's were built by the company BLE Automotive in Erdington, Birmingham in the early 1980s until the Lister brand was passed on to WP Automotive of Leatherhead . In 1991, they fitted the 7.0 L (6996 cc/427 in³) version of the Jaguar V12 engine, with a 94 mm (3.7 in) bore and 84 mm (3.3 in) stroke, into a modified Jaguar XJS, which was rebadged Lister Le Mans. This engine officially produced 407.2 kW (546 hp) and 786.37 N·m (580 lb·ft).