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Joining the Club

Ok, so you've hopefully had a good look around, like what you see and feel comfortable for your pride and joy to become a member. Here's how it works: There are a few simple rules to look at first and then a couple of buttons to press and easy forms to complete. PLEASE NOTE - YOU MUST HAVE A VALID EMAIL ACCOUNT TO BECOME A MEMBER 

There is a one off joining fee of £20 - if you want to donate more, please feel free to do so...


Your car becomes the member for as long as you own it, so if you own more than one car and want them to become members as well, you will need to enrol each of them and pay a separate one off joining fee. Be warned, they will sulk if they don't become members!
Each car that becomes a member will be featured in the Members Cars section. The car will also have its picture on our Facebook page. We have NO annual subscription.


Each member car will also be invited to enter onto any of the Club stands at events where we are exhibiting, with the exception of limited entry events (NEC, Event City).

If you sell the car, membership is transferred to the new owner, so please pass on their details so we can contact and enrol them free of charge.. You cease to be an owner member at this point unless you buy another XJS, then...

If you replace a car with another XJS, then your new XJS has to join (with your help of course and paying the £20 joining fee).
We have a few simple Club rules:  Members attending events must if driven to the event, be fully road legal (tax-MOT- insured). Members attending events on trailers need not be road legal. Members attending events should do so in an appropriately clean and tidy manner.Likewise, so should their owners. At all times, members and owners should behave in a courteous and respectful manner and obey the event organisers rules. Any payments at or for events shall be the sole responsibility of the respective car owner.

Associate Membership

If you don't own an XJS yet then don't worry, you can still join as an associate member for the same cost.  We will hold your joining fee until you buy your XJS and then we will transfer your car over for you.  Click on the Join button and enter ASSOC in the registration number section, X in each of the car details sections. ALL sections must have something written in them.


We have now simplified the joining process. Click ONCE on the Join button and you will be taken to the application form page. Complete ALL of the form boxes and click submit. You will get a confirmation email sent to your email address and a new window will open at our PayPal page. The £20 Joining Fee has already been placed in your shopping basket so all you need to do is follow the on line instructions. We will get copies of your transaction and your application form and will send out a welcome email to you with your Member Number and password within 3 working days, although it's usually a lot quicker than that.

That's all there is too it.

GDPR information

By completing the JOIN form and paying your one off joining fee you are agreeing that the XJS Club may hold your data for the purpose of membership management, Club and event related communications and similar Club business. I further understand that I will be able, on request to view the information and correct any mistakes.

The XJS Club does not and will not sell or pass on ANY information we hold without your express permission. We do not gather or hold any statistical information about you except for cookie information, which we do not see, to enable you to navigate this website. 


Click on the Join button below and a new window will open with the XJS Club application form. Please fully complete the application form and click ONCE on submit. Another new window will open at our PayPal account page where you can pay your once only lifetime joining fee of £20.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

REMEMBER TO CLICK THE APPLICATION BUTTON ONCE ONLY! If you get taken to the PayPal page then we have received your application form. You only need to pay once!


We will happily accept donations to help with the expenses of keeping the Club running. Click on the donate button below. If asked please check the Gift box when making payments. Remember you don't need a PayPal account to do this, just a credit or debit card.  Many thanks.

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