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Emails - are you getting yours?

Every month we send out at least one email to the address you have given us. Now we get returns from those addresses, a lot of them are no account held, we can't really do anything about these unless you contact us with your new email address


We also get emails that your email provider deem as spam and either delete or move to your junk folder without you even knowing or reading.

So, if you do not get at least ONE email from us each month and you are, of course a member of the Club, please add...

to your email contact list and mark it as a safe sender.

We cannot tell you how to do this as every email provider has different rules, but it's usually found by highlighting the address and RIGHT clicking on your mouse. The drop down menu that appear should have a section to mark the address as safe or to "whitelist" it.

You really are missing out if you don't get emails from us letting you know what is happening.

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