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Formed in 2012 by a like minded group of XJS enthusiasts who were tired of the same old club rhetoric of doing nothing especially when it came to car shows. We came upon the brilliantly simple and novel idea of making the car the member and having no annual subscription fees, just a one off lifetime joining fee of £20. 
The concept is astounding and we don't think it has been done before.
To find out more just click HERE to join.

When you join us , you will get technical backup, 20% discount  from Growler Jaguar Parts, 10% discount on parts and servicing from Sturgess Jaguar, hefty discounts on parts from SNG Barratts and David Manners, and 10% discount on great cleaning products from Code Cleaners. Massive Insurance discounts from Lancaster Insurance, Carole Nash, Abbeyfields Insurance and RH Specialist Insurance
.  You will also get your car featured in our gallery, get "XJS Today", the Club's own 60 odd page monthly magazine, be able to download a FREE XJS workshop manual of over 700 pages and more importantly, a feeling of belonging from a lot of new friends who all have one thing in common - a passion for the Jaguar XJS.
Sleek, Suave and Sophisticated.


“This club has achieved a great deal in the last twelve months in raising members and its own profile. It is unique in Jaguar Clubs as having members at is core and a friendly approach...long may this continue.”
​​David Cleary, Chester, Owner Member of two beautiful XJS cars.
“You may remember that I was doubtful about the merits of joining the new XJS Club for a person living in South Africa, but I do not regret having done so: The monthly newsletter gives me plenty enjoyment even though I am unlikely ever to be able to participate in one of the XJS Club events.”
Rudy Schats, South Africa, XJ-S Cabriolet Owner​ Member

"As a member of the XJS club, as well as the JEC and a subscriber to Jaguar World, I cannot tell you what a huge thrill it is to receive the e-mailed XJS newsletter each month. I feel enormously privileged to belong to such an organisation."
Glenn McDowall, Cheshire, 1989  5.3 Ltr Convertible Owner Member

Sleek, Suave and Sophisticated

"Thanks for this info, that is what a good club is all about."

Alan Harris - Associate Member

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