XJS event at Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works
Saturday 15th September 2018




The XJS Soft Tops Club and The XJS Club are pleased to announce an Exclusively XJS Event at the new JLR Classic Works in Coventry. This is a special bring your car along event, for all models of Jaguar XJS cars – Coupes, Cabriolets, Convertibles, Eventers and XJS specials
The Event will run between 10am and 3pm



Those attending with their XJS cars will have access to wander around the JLR Classic Works, enabling them to see the cars stored there and the workshops. In addition JLR Technical staff will be on hand through the day to answer you XJS technical questions.


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There will be up to 160 Jaguar XJS Cars that have been brought along on the day by members of the XJS Soft Tops Club, Jaguar Enthusiasts Club, XJS Club and Jaguar Drivers Club for you to look around too.


Event Address: Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works, Imperial Road, Prologis Park, Coventry CV8 3LF
Tickets will be emailed 1 month before event

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