JDC National Day, Wroxall Abbey Warwickshire.


2nd August 2015



The XJ Register and the Jaguar Drivers Club, would like to formally invite all XJS Club members as invited guests to XJ Register Day to be held in conjunction with the JDC National Day at Wroxall Abbey, Warwickshire on the 2nd August this year. This event will encompass a special 40th Anniversary display of XJS’s as a main attraction. To mark the 40th anniversary of the launch of Jaguar’s evergreen Grand Tourer, we are aiming high in the hope of getting at least 210 XJS’s of all ages, types, and models parked together in one special display area. Why 210 XJS’s? This would represent 10 models for each and every year the XJS was in production and, although perhaps a tall order, having 210 (or more!) XJS’s displayed together would create a fantastic spectacle I’m sure you’ll agree. 


We also hope to organise a time line display too featuring one example of every XJS model ever produced from 1975 to 1996. And if possible, we’d like to include ‘Specials’ too such as the Lynx Eventer, Lister LeMans, Paul Bailey Monaco, TWR etc and perhaps even a racing XJS!


Any XJS Club member wishing to attend can benefit from the Jaguar Drivers Club member discount by pre-booking in advance - this applies to any XJS Club member who isn’t a member of the Jaguar Drivers Club. All they need to do when booking is mention they are an XJS Club member. The discounted entry prices are £8 per car and £4 per passenger. 




PLEASE NOTE: There is a 2% charge on credit card payments




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