Apr 2, 2018

Xjs Cabriolet Targa top liners- help!


xjs cabriolet , 1987 .targa top liners


Hello everyone ive had my treasured cabriolet off my dad for 20 years and treated it extremely lovingly. the targa roof linings however are hanging down now. does anyone out there know of any firms that do this type of work. Im in nottingham but obviiusly am prepared to travel if needs be. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you



Apr 3, 2018Edited: Apr 3, 2018

Hi Martin,

what you need is the services of a LOCAL car re-upholstery type buisness if you look in the yellow pages, internet etc

you are BOUND to find someone in your area im sure ,its not something you will have to travel for

ive owned a cab previously so ive an idea on the internal liner on those

what i would suggest would happen is the old lining is totally removed from the car and a new internal lining is custom made and fitted to it a car interior upholstery repairer can handle a job like that ,it needent be someone who specializes with just Jaguar cars not at all , the fittings on these are familiar to these companies that reupholster interiors ,we have a great local one thats been in buisness decades they do all this type of work and what im suggesting? is there is bound to be similar buisness's in the nottingham area for sure!

today its old school work but these companies continue to thrive with the enthusiasts , car collectors , classic car dealers etc etc, they are all usually quite busy! doing all this type of work, its not going to be the cheapest replacement , but its bound to last the same again, once done

the problem with older cars like these today is one of age, and time takes its toll on soft furninshings on cars also

most of us that have owned cars like the XJ-S for a good many years have certainly had to replace the headlinings on these hard top coupe cars also ,i certainly have ! best of luck

regards Glenn.

Apr 3, 2018

Cheers Glen, thank you for your time to reply , it’s much appreciated. I’ll get on it in the summer and start my research. It’s great that other people take an interest in people’s plights though, it’s really encouraging

Thanks again


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