Feb 19, 2018

VIN number help

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Jun 10, 2018Edited: Jun 10, 2018

if anyone would like to understand how a VIN number breaks down ? on a Jaguar car and what the component numbers and letters all mean i will use my own vin number here to explain

this is my VIN number on my car ive left the last digit off for security.


the VIN number breaks down as follows

SAJ stands for the manufacturer ie "Jaguar"

J stands for a Jaguar Model.

N stands for model dirivative N equals XJ-S

A indicates this is factory built as a "base line" model with no factory fit option's

E stands for "body type " E indicates hard top Coupe model.

W indicates engine type in this case 5.3 -B or 5.3 post e.c.s.

3 indicates transmission type "3" indicates 3 speed automatic transmission

B on my car denotes a model year CHANGE my car is an April 1981 build ,april 1981 is the month they began building the "new" H.E. model cars the B here denotes a Change to model year specs ie H.E.


C stands for the Jaguar assembly plant the letter C in a Jaguar vin number denotes Brown lane Coventry assembly plant

the final "6 digit numbers" in a Jaguar vin number is a cars "vehicle unique number" that particular individual cars "identity number "

some further letters to be found in the "make up" of an XJ-S vin number as follows

S in the model field denotes XJR-S , a T denotes "special edition"

the "sixth" letter denotes class of vehicle A baseline, J Japan, K japan WITH airbag!, L Canada, M Canada WITH airbag, V u.s.a. spec WITH manual belt's, W u.s.a. spec WITH Driver airbag, Y u.s.a. spec with passive belts,

"seventh" letter denotes Body varient C Cabriolet, D convertibile, E coupe hard top, F 2 +2 Convertibile,

"eighth" letter denotes engine type there are multipule letters in this class ,for the varying "world markets" suffice to say W,X,Y,Z, all denote 5.3 motors, B,C,D,E, denote variations on the 3.6 motor dependant on where in the world the car is sold emmissions etc,

"ninth" figure denotes "transmission and steering" 3 RHD 3 speed auto, 4 auto LHD, 7 manual RHD, 8 manual LHD,

"tenth" letter denotes model or model year CHANGE, A xj-s original spec, B H.E. Coupe, C AJ6 Coupe,D V12 convertible E indicates "facelift" thats 1992 model year with the exception of u.s.a., Canada, and Korea.

the letter B indicates the year of build B being 1981 and continues alphabetically from then on C 1982 etc

regards all.

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