Jan 6, 2018



Edited: Jan 6, 2018

Introducing our 1995 XJS Kingfisher Blue 4litre covertible, Millie.

Here, she is pictured at the 2017 Pershore Plum Festival, a great event where the XJS Club will have a stand in 2018. This is a show that is well worth attending for as well as the 1500 or so vehicles on display, the whole town turns into XJS Club colours with purple and yellow streamers and balloons hanging everywhere. Add to that all the street attractions and market stalls, there really is a carnival atmosphere. We hope to see you there...


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  • Hi I'm looking for a NEW or refurbished 4.0ltr cam cover ( complete with decal) + gasket / sealant etc Does anyone know where i can get one please? Cheers Clive Seakens
  • Hi from a new member, not a new fan as I have loved the XJS for decades. A very special unique and wonderful car. I have a 4.0 ltr straight six and like a good cat should, it purrs, or is that growls? Looking forward to future meetings and forums Nice to be on-board Clive Seakens Mobile 07789 866542 Seakensfamily@sky.com
  • Hello all, joined the club to glean information about the v12 HE engine that is fitted in me S3 E-type. Have an XKRS and others. My aim is to remove as much gubbins as possible from the engine to get it as "pure" as possible, I realise most of the stuff is vital but some of it could go I think...maybe!!! My best mate down the road is an XJS man (3) so he's a suppprter. Thanks for now. Peter.
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17646 - RH - generic car banner advert 1

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