Jul 31, 2018

Fuel line problems


Hi, I am trying to change my fuel filter on a 1994 4 litre but the upper compression fitting has locked on and I run the risk of rounding the nut. I thought about taking the fuel pipe out and working it in a vice, but I can't see how to disconnect the pipe at the first joint in the engine compartment. Any suggestions?

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  • Hi I'm looking for a NEW or refurbished 4.0ltr cam cover ( complete with decal) + gasket / sealant etc Does anyone know where i can get one please? Cheers Clive Seakens
  • Hi from a new member, not a new fan as I have loved the XJS for decades. A very special unique and wonderful car. I have a 4.0 ltr straight six and like a good cat should, it purrs, or is that growls? Looking forward to future meetings and forums Nice to be on-board Clive Seakens Mobile 07789 866542 Seakensfamily@sky.com
  • Hello all, joined the club to glean information about the v12 HE engine that is fitted in me S3 E-type. Have an XKRS and others. My aim is to remove as much gubbins as possible from the engine to get it as "pure" as possible, I realise most of the stuff is vital but some of it could go I think...maybe!!! My best mate down the road is an XJS man (3) so he's a suppprter. Thanks for now. Peter.
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