Sep 25, 2018

93 Chrome door mirros wanted


Hi, does anyone have a pair of door mirrors for a 1993 5.3 Coupe please? Mine are all wobbly !

They are chrome backed. I can't remember if they are memory or not.


My number is 07970-655206



Dec 2, 2018

Door mirrors from memory are all the same from 1983 H.E. models onwards, no there are no memory controls on those its simplistic electrical operation only ., an electrical plastic plug connector that fastens to a joystick control for both mirrors on the rear of the drivers side door card , these mirrors were deleted as an available new part many years ago now ,quality of the chrome backing deteriorated with time and age if your mirrors are decent chrome ?? id stick with those as many secondhand ones have badly tarnished regarding the chrome finish down the years ,you can end up with a worse condition set than you already have with these ! if they are wobbling about ??? its something ive never seen but there will be a "fix" something has come loose, these were all made and assembled by hand ,unlike modern day sealed up car parts you CAN get to these regards tightening things back up id remove the door card and mirror from the door and investigate as to why its gone loose there ought to be a way of tightening back up whatever has caused that problem its going to be a screw or nut thats worked loose, these are not complicated in their construction regards

Dec 2, 2018

Hi, thank you for your reply. I've now found out that they are memory mirrors, that work with the memory seat position.

The mirrors are in good shape. They are wobbly because the mounting pin that holds the spring is corroded and the spring doesn't have enough tension. They are going to be really hard to repair are I would need to rebuild the pin, perhaps with weld.

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