Jan 18, 2018

Replacing Roof lining.


I wish to purchase a new roof lining from the members shop.

From the photo in the ad for the face lift model (1991 onwards) it show a hole for the rear view mirror.

On my xjs v12 6.0l 1994 the rear view mirror attaches to the windscreen.

There are only sunvisors in the front of the car that also housing the interior lights

Is there no replacement for my xjs. Has any body had this problem.

Jan 18, 2018

Hi John


I'm checking with the manufacturer and will get back with an answer asap.





Jan 19, 2018

Hi John,


This is the reply from the manufacturer.


You can see on headliner picture the 3 holes for the back mirror because some cars have the mirror screwed in the middle of the headliner and some are glued onto the front glass. This is the correct headliner and we never perforate the 3 holes so the customers can do it themselves if necessary.


So, your answer is the one we offer is fine for your car.





Jan 29, 2018

I got a headlining for my 1993 V12 and that had the three holes already drilled so you must check with the manufacturer. I also found that the grp was thicker and stiffer than the original backing and I had to find longer bolts to get to the threads for the sunvisor. It was worse for the mirror but the OP won't have that problem.

Overall a brilliant headlining which I' very pleased with, but longer chromed bolts should be part of the kit!

Jan 29, 2018

Thanks Martin and Clive i will order tonight.

Feb 28, 2018

Hi there i want to replace the headlining on my 3.6 xjs. I just wondered if the new kits require any extra 'padding' to act as a sound dampener ? I assume the original foam did this but wonder if anyone has noticed increased sound in the cabin when using the new kits? or am i being daft? cheers steve

Apr 2, 2018

you could be being "daft" lol, i wouldent think its any noisier inside with the GRP replacement units there was no sound deadening in the roof as such , the original foam type backing material was used on many many british in particular cars of the period ie 1970's , the problem with it is one of "time" it goes hard and brittle and removing an original can end up with it crumbling in your hands, and sticking firm to the inner metal roof skin ive had that one !

quite frankly its awful stuff when its aged , thats what happens the glue drys out on the covering and then it "sags" you cant glue it back either ive never been a fan of aftermarket parts but this one is a GOOD idea its a rigid GRP liner you then cover with the actual headlining material which has a degree of foam backing built into it anyway ,

no foam to worry about and when in place it looks identical to the originals i WISH that had been around in 1995 when i had to shell out £400 for one of the last jaguar supplied originals, on top of that i then had to CUT OUT the foam and lining with a craft knife to the correct hole shape to fit the interior courtesy roof light back into position !!,

Jaguar factory supplied replacements had no cut outs for the lamp unit ,

yes much much better these and no doubt will LAST

regards .

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