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Late 6.0 V12 Coupe,convert to a Manual Box??



Hoping to take early retirement next year and not buying a new car and I'm going to get my 1995 6.0 Coupe how I want it,after owning it for 18 years and everything is DIY.

I already have the AJ6 Engineering full performance kit on it, but together,later with other engine mods (hoping for 370-420 bhp max- H.E heads!), rads, brakes,suspension and body restore etc.

Looking to hear from other 6.0 owners who have converted their cars to a manual box.

I totally get it will change the car and might be worth doing if you have a 5.3 V12 and prefer to get away from the GM TH400 3-speed slush box and there is a lot of info out there.

I like what the guys do at Simplyperformance, but not too sure if it is worth doing for the late 6.0's, as my auto has the better GM4L80-E 4-speed one.

Would there be too much rear wheel spin?(although it will be in top form at the rear).

I guess I just don't want to regret it and waste money.

Any thoughts please.

Kind Regards


1995 6.0 XJS Coupe

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