Jun 12, 2018

Window Problems 0n 88 convertible.


I have a 06/1988 convertible, The driver's door window has stopped working. I removed the switch and changed the plug over to the passenger side which still worked, then I connected the driver's side to the passenger side switch. The window started to lower but very slowly then stopped I was though able to lift it back though using the switch. After that it stopped working. On re-connecting the plugs to their correct switch neither now work. When I operate both switches I can hear a clicking in the door but nothing else. I have tried searching for a fuse but there isn't one of course, so I'm somewhat lost now as to what the cause is, (age no doubt) or how to sort it out.

Jun 19, 2018Edited: Jun 19, 2018

there will be somewhere an electrical relay box for the door window motor operation these can "go down " just like that. fine one minute then faulty the next older motorcycles suffer the same issues with these YES its an age related one, !its finding where it is !!! usually square and black/ blue/ yellow to look at with differing numbers of pins on the reverse dependant on what electrical equipment that particular relay box controls on the car .

these cars are FULL of electrical relay "boxs" , they are NEVER stright forward to find for a given application either !! an 88' car is going to have a bank of electrical relays on the near side inner front wing, there are more in the passenger under dash removable panel ,and a fuse box in same on the drivers side its identifying what does what ??, what WILL help you is getting hold of a copy of the revised Jaguar XJ-S parts manual regarding location and what relay controls what, i have a friend who advertises a small number of these for sale new shrink wrapped on E Bay under the seller name

"automotive history" , they are now a discontinued item from Jaguar-Heritage but he still has a few new.

Genine Jaguar parts books can be invaluable with this type of info also .


the other CLASSIC issue with 70's 80's 90s' Jaguar XJ and XJ-S regarding electric window operation is that the felt lined channels the window itself runs in DRYS OUT with time ,the window then d-r-a-g-s itself up the channel being slowed down by a dryed out felt liner, same when you attempt to lower one the dryed felt liner "grips" the window edge!, seldom do the motors themselves fail in my experience its the channels causing the issue here the solution i found that works best here back in the 80's with my Daimler Double-Six {same issue!!} lol, was to liberally spray the felt liner with a SILICON based furniture polish

"Mr Sheen" works an absolute treat its LOADED with slippery silicon in its composition , liberally coat the felt channels and i MEAN liberally !! with Mr Sheen with the window at the bottom of its travel get PLENTY in those channels you WONT hurt the electrics fear not ! then with the engine running work the liquid into the felt by operating the windows continually up-down,up-down etc you WILL see an improvent in the speed the glass then runs up and down the channel i can guarantee that one down the decades ive done it enough myself !


ive found the motors themselves are usually fine but they struggle to push glass up and down a DRYED OUT felt channel even with a slippery channel the window motors "slow" slightly when the engines not running the motors take a lot of power out of a battery thats hidden way down the length of the car in the boot ! it would seem to be a "critique" of a 70's designed electrical syatem on these cars that the windows slow when the engines not running also that has always been my experience with XJ and XJ-S Jaguars ive owned my 81' coupe for 24 years this year periodically out comes the Mr Sheen for this one in and amoungst ive also owned an 88' convertible that did EXACTLY the same thing re the windows lol hope thats of use??

DO get hold of a parts book and check out the window motor relays seldom is this one down to a "glass fuse", the electrical relay box is the usual culprit for non operation of an electric window it wont be the window switch itself im guessing either , a "click" would also confirm the relay box is not operating correctly ,kind regards Glenn

Jun 19, 2018

this is the revised XJS parts book you want FULL of invaluable information for cars 1975 to 1991


Jun 19, 2018

Hi Glenn, Many thanks for the info. I've seen a copy of the book you mention but I'm not sure if it is your friend or not, I've contacted the seller to see how much he really wants for it and will advise you later as to the outcome.

I've have to get some trim removal tools before I tackle the inside of the doors though. In the mean time I've got a blow on the exhaust to sort out first.


BTW my Father had a 4.2 Daimler Coupe, and was still driving it at 93! But he sold it without telling me.




Jun 19, 2018Edited: Jun 19, 2018

Jon you can contact my friends wife im sure she can organise a copy for you im afraid my friend has been rather ill in recent times and his wife has been updating and organizing his Jaguar E Bay parts site, i believe these are £30 each plus postage it is now a deleted item from Jaguar-Heritage new, but my friend had a number of factory cellophaned sealed new copies from the factory well worth the investment these loaded with useful information .Telephone Jan Sykes on 01274 631066 Bradford West Yorkshire you can remove the door cards without specific tools the push button grey fasteners that slot into the door card then pop' into the appropriate hole in the door itself are still available new again plastic they turn brittle with age its not a bad idea to change these for new also first thing to remove is the door pocket and hande slide the chrome trim backwards on the top of the door pocket handle that will reveal a large phillips headed screw, the other location that holds the door pocket to the door card is along the very bottom of the door pocket you will see two or three black small phillips screws undoing these will then release the door pocket from the door card simply unplug the electrical connector for the door "puddle lamp" then remove . regards .

Jun 19, 2018


I've just tried to call Mrs. Sykes but they have call idenification on the phone and haven't called me back. Is there an email address I could contact them with? If not could you ask her if she would call or text me on: 07923 000 278 and I'll call her back.

Cheers, Jon.

Jun 19, 2018

give me a call Jon 07703 443044 regards Glenn

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