May 9, 2018

Electric fan

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hi I have a 5.3 v12 i have read up on the fan and it should come once the temperature reaches a certain point but, the fan comes on as soon as you turn on the ignition.I have disconnected the wires from the fan to the thermoswitch the turned on the ignition and the fan still comes on .can anybody help.


Jun 2, 2018Edited: Jun 2, 2018

i woulds just CHECK the wiring on that item again and make sure someone hasent wired the fan motor to a CONSTANT live feed before you !

controlled via a thermo switch the additional electric fan cuts in and out at given temperatures as you state, it wouldent surprise me if someone before you ..... hasent wired that so its constantly ON, some people dont want to spend money on spare parts! if a component fails, and a "bodge" if the thermo switch or some other component to do with it has failed is to wire the fan motor to a constant live feed so...its on all the time totally unnecessary that one, it wants further investigation had there been a "fault" i would suspect the fan motor would NOT cut in when required the fact its constantly on smells of "owner intervention " at some stage in its past lol , regards

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