Jan 29, 2018


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Just a word of "Caution" regarding polishing exterior paintwork the modern world today sees an absolutely HUGH variety of car polish's available to buy out there that promise to maintain shine's and finish's etc etc,

my advice would be to avoid ANY car exterior polish that contains "silicones" a good many of them do, silicones in car paintwork polish's are something thats neigh on impossible to remove in a car bodyshop or paintshop should a vehicle require new paintwork later,the finish has almost to be sanded down to bare metal to remove it and even then its not nessarsarlily gone!! silicones in polish's create small craters in new paintwork finish's poc mark's spots for want of an easy word and they usually dont show themselves until the paint and clear laquer finish has dryed out, a "devil" of a finish to get rid of is SILICONE on car paintwork any professional car painter will echo my thoughts im sure!


I have always used original recipie "Turtle wax" a green polish in a green tub no silicones in turtle wax, likewise to remove small scratch's and marks in paintwork T' Cut is as good a standby polish as it ever was, and again contains no silicones


Today one of the new buzzwords to come over the pond from the u.s. is "detailing" this is simply a new word for cleaning and polishing done properly !!! most owners of classic cars are very good at detailing themselves at home ! but along with the promise of a professional clean using superior polish's by companys and individuals that offer car detailing services is the possible threat of silicones in new technology car polish's of course this is all well and good on gleeming mint condition paintwork the problems arise in the event of an accident or accidental damage to a vehicles paintwork re-painting panels that have been polished with a wax that contains silicones can then be hard work ! kind regards all.

Jan 29, 2018

Sound advice Glenn. The Club recommends CodeClean Premier Carnubia Wax for finishing your car cleaning.

CodeClean are sponsors of the Club and offer 10% discount on all their products.

The older products you mention are really good, but a bit outdated in the modern age. A lot of members who use CodeClean wax find that as it's in liquid form, it goes on really easily, can be applied to the whole of the car in one go even on a very hot day and in direct sunlight, leaves no residue and is very , very easy to buff off. A little of it goes a very long way as well.

As I say, nothing wrong with Turtle Wax or T Cut, but they do tend to be "hard work" in their application. At the end of the day, it's entirely up to the individuals taste and preference.

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