Sep 7, 2018

welding and spraying around windscreen


I have a little rust developing to the top and bottom of my windscreen on my 1994 xjs, can anyone recommend a jaguar bodywork specialist around Hertfordshire, Essex or not too far away who would undertake this work? Also, when repainting the roof does the body worker blend paint in, or, if not where is the join as the roof runs into the main body?

Many thanks for any advice in advance

Sep 26, 2018

If i May??, having spent 30 years working in the u.k. motor trade Selling new/used cars and motorcycles and having owned an XJ-S as my "hobby" for 24 years which i took totally apart body wise and started again with ! i would recommend you find a GOOD local car body repair shop with a good reputation for their work someone of long standing respectfully you DONT need a specialist Jaguar workshop for this type of repair just a GOOD bodyshop/paintshop anyone in the car painting buisness who knows their job WILL effect a repair that you cannot see when done, blending in colours on panelwork is all part of the job a professional bodyshop would do anyway what you need is a bodyshop with modern up to date equipment having an OVEN to re-paint cars in is a MUST all professional bodyshops will have that facility one area you refer to here is called the "scuttle" panel immediately below the windscreen, some XJS cars are prone to body rot in this area its something that needs attending to sooner rather than later there are NO replacement panels for this "scuttle" panel neither from Jaguar nor anyone else so if its starting to go id recommend you have it taken care of before it gets too bad, normally speaking if you are making paintwork to body panels in the vacinity of the windscreen ie the roof above and scuttle panel below then a good bodyshop will remove the windscreen itself to carry out this work thats normally done by a windscreen replacement company the likes of "autoglass" whom the bodyshop in question would arrange to come and remove the windscreen, and when re- painting has been completed come back again and re-fit the windscreen back in the car the ages most of these cars are today a NEW windscreen surround rubber would also be advisable rubber trims go hard and brittle with time having to remove a windcreen to re-paint an area on a car would be a GOOD time to replace an old worn windscreen surround rubber also again you need to look around for a local car body repair shop of long standing with a good reputation for any kind of quality body repair work again it need not be anyone who specializes in just Jaguar hope thats of some help ? kind regards Glenn.

Oct 12, 2018

Hi Glen, many thanks for your reply, so I went to a recommendation body work expert who had some classics in his workshop... on removing the trim the damage was worse than hoped and the whole lower section including the middle was beond reasonable repair. I ended up getting some pieces made up from the recommendation on this website and together with the bodywork specialists after just three weeks I was reunited with my xjs. They have had to do quite a bit, the windscreen was removed as you mentioned, but to my eye at least they were artists! If you would like to see some photos then please just let me know. if anyone else needs a recommendation of bodyworkers around herts then please contact me. Although the work was much increased they have clearly done their best to keep to the estimate provided! nice to be reunited!

I'm in the same boat at the moment with my 92 coupe. It was resprayed about 12 months ago and some small imperfections returned to the scuttle and windscreen area. Rather than spend a small fortune again on bodyshop bills I removed the chrome trim and screen. The scuttle had been badly bodged in the past and the driverside screen pillar was holed. I fabricated some repair sections for the scuttle and pillar and bare metalled the roof adjacent to the windscreen. The passenger side scuttle had to be cut back about 15cm to get good metal. The roof was actually holed but this was not visible with the chrome trim in place. I've also elected to replace the lower front driverside wing due to rust at the base and part of the rear valance.

Please, anyone with a facelift car check under your chrome trims around the front screen. if you can see bubbling paint it may be worse than it first appears!


My 94 coupe has 3 holes above the screen under the trim.....holed at the bottom middle and both scuttles are bad. I ve removed the screen using cheese wire which wasn't that difficult tbh.

Ive had 7 repair pieces including both scuttle panels made up by Paul Pennel who advertises on the club site and I would recommend his work to anybody carrying out this repair.

I am looking for a paint shop in Essex once ive finished the welding.

Can anybody recommend a paint shop in Essex who I could trust to paint this properly?

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