Feb 1, 2018

Hydraulic fluid for convertible top


Could anyone tell me what fluid to use in the reservoir for the convertible top mechanism? The fluid in there suggests that it's power steering/ auto transmission fluid, the Dexron II because it's pink in colour but just wanted to check before I change a ram and renew the fluid. There isn't any mention in it in the driver's manual.

Many thanks, Kevin. A couple of pics of my toy.



Feb 2, 2018

Hi Kevin,


Great looking car...


There appears two schools of thought over this, and this is what has come up on an internet search.


Pumps and cylinders purchased from Convertible Top Specialists may be filled with fluid, this fluid will either be Dextron III automatic transmission fluid or mineral hydraulic oil.


I have heard of Dexron Vl being used. Some posts suggest that Dexron might not have the viscosity that is required and the hydraulic mineral oil is best used. This is green in colour and goes by the name of Pentosin CHF 11S Hydraulic Fluid. Pentosin might not be available in the UK, but Halfords sell CHF11 fluid which will do the job.


Most websites recommend CHF11 as being the correct fluid to use, although strangely enough, my own 1995 convertible also has pink fluid in it...


Personally I would stick with what is already in there now, and google "XJS convertible hydraulic fluid" to check the answers for yourself.


Hope this helps.

Feb 2, 2018

Thanks for the comments, you've confirmed my gut feeling on this. I've seen several comments on later XKs that use the CHF 11 but nothing to date on the XJS. The system worked fine until the top end of the ram snapped so I think I'll stick with the Dexron. It was a period when they tended to use the same oil for several applications to keep things simple.

As a matter of interest can anyone in the club recommend and local specialist who can look after my cars, you've probably noticed my other 6.0ltr in the background. Derek Bullimore used to look after them until he sadly died a few year back. I'm located just South of Canterbury in Kent.

Many thanks.

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