Apr 25

Facelift rear centre blade exchange


Hi folks

Looking for a bit of advice on the removal and befitting of the centre chrome blade

Does the number have to be removed or can it be done in situ?

Any advice is appreciated



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  • Can anyone recommend a reliable bodyshop within 30 miles of Stafford who would be able to carry out welding and fettling at the base of the windscreen of my facelift 4-litre coupe and, additionally, respray the whole car. A previous attempt at partial respray encountered difficulties when there was a reaction between the new paint and the previous paint so the respray may necessitate going down to bare metal. All suggestions gratefully received.
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  • HI, Like some others ,I had a stuck/seized drivers door mirror, soon to be too loose, too free, aided by me! I have a £7 fix. Its a known problem that the internal shaft rusts, or circlip, or spring, or all three! Not too sure if this fix would work for pre-facelift XJS 's. Once the door mirror is free from the door and the wiring is disconnected (ok...slap my wrist...I just cut through it to re-crimp later). First I had to remove the 24 year mirror glass..so that broke (please wear googles as the splinters fly!),then you can un-stick the heater element to expose 3x Torx 15 (or T10?) screws. You cannot remove the two T20 screws that attach the black plastic to chrome body, unless it has been removed first. The old rusty, splined hollow tube was hack-sawed along its length and removed. I obtained a 40mm x 14mm x 2mm stainless tube (£7 from the internet),but if you don't have them, you need to purchase a M14 x 1.0 Tap & Die (its large, so had to make a tool to take the Die.) I put a thread a long the entire 40mm length. This tube was then screwed in to the chrome body, once I had tapped that and Aluminium Anti-Seize grease was used. I cleaned-up the old spring, but now I can use a brass M14,flat nut to screw-up the tension on the spring, so its now fixed. I also like the thought of being able to disassemble everything, if I ever want to re-chrome the door mirrors in the future. I might even do the same anyway to the passenger mirror ,even though its not stuck...yet! A point of interest...I had to get a new mirror glass (exact fit) from the US (£23inc.),but it has an etched safety message on it. Does anyone know where I can get the same, but from the UK? I hope this helps? Nick
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