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New page added in members area for all pre facelift cars concerning coachlines, paint and trim.

Apr 2, 2018Edited: Apr 2, 2018

On the subject of coachline trimming an owner the other year on this site had his car re-painted and was keen to try and trace an original body stripe to put back on his vehicle , the two thin stripe late 80's early 90's variety, later H.E. style , as most owners will no doubt know these are long time discontinued items from Jaguar themselves .

i recommended he trace out with tracing paper the very front and rear ends of the stripe as these have a particular patterning on them. i then suggested he post that to "The Image Works" in Derby vinyl car and motorcycle decal printers, they then "scanned" his tracing into their computer and produced EXACT copies of his factory design and fitted stripe for him , which then simply had to be applied to the car

{you need a steady hand for this one !!}


the striping on the later XJS cars of the 80's and 90's was nothing special that two thin stripes could be bought on a roll , different colour combinations too one slightly thinner than another, car stripping was the rage in the 80's motor trade in general .and just as there are mobile dent removers and painters today back then we had "striping men" who would come to a car dealership armed with these rolls of striping tape and stripe a new or used car for the dealer ,

i got quite good at this myself and ended up striping up new cars in our own dealership !! never Volunteer if you are GOOD, it then becomes YOUR job lol


in short that style stripe can still be produced today the image works in Derby {google for contact details} now have that later stripe for the XJS "on file" they can produce it in what ever colour combination was on your car when new, it is to be remembered also that Jaguar never made this stuff themselves it was ALL bought in 3M being a popular supplier the earlier much thicker stripes on early HE cars can also be reproduced its just a matter of tracing out the end pieces and having them scanned to computer by a vinyl graphic printer ! regards all

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