Email Policy

There have been several owner members reporting a suspicious email that is
purported to have emanated from the Club.

Please note the following:

The XJS Club will NEVER send you emails with attachments unless they are
tickets for an event, Event spreadsheets and you have requested them. The XJS Club will NEVER
send out attachments to emails requesting money or asking you to pay the attached invoice.
Any email you receive from the XJS Club will have XJS Club <>
as the sender. The XJS Club only has ONE email address and if you receive
an email with the senders address as something similar to : XJS Club <>, it has not originated from the XJS Club and should
therefore be regarded as highly suspicious and be deleted WITHOUT opening.

Unless sent from one of our Ipads or Iphones, ALL Club emails will have
this message at the bottom of it: "The XJS Club is a non profit making club
which exists to promote ownership of the Jaguar XJS Marque, The Club does
NOT pass on any data given to it by the membership. ALL emails from the XJS
Club have this signature at the bottom of every email. If you receive an
email without this signature but purporting to come from the XJS Club, it
is a fake and you should regard it with the highest caution. All emails
sent from the XJS Club are scanned for viruses prior to sending."

Any email you receive purporting to have come from the XJS Club with the
subject line as: Fwd: Re: Document 517816654_24_04_2017_03_48_01 or
similar, should be deleted immediately without opening. Please be very
careful with emails, if you follow a few simple rules then you will be
safe. Never open anything that you have not asked for or know about. Always
satisfy yourself of the sender's credentials. If you get any emails saying
you have won £100000000000 or there is a bank in Nigeria holding a vast
amount of money in your name, it is a con. You simply do not win anything
you haven't entered.

Please remember these few simple rules regarding Club emails.

To put everyone's mind at rest, the Club databases has NOT been
compromised. It is held and encrypted on extremely secure servers that only
I have access to. The password for this database is changed monthly. I have
also incorporated several fail safe devices into the database.

The XJS Club is bound by the Data Protection Acts and will NEVER give your
email address out unless you have been asked for permission to do so. The
same goes for any other information you give us. The only exception to rule
are for recently joining members who have joined via the website where
their postal address is passed over to Code Clean our preferred sponsor so
a £10 voucher for their products can be mailed out to them.

We do not know if this email that is going round contains a virus or not,
we are not prepared to find out either but it seems to come from Germany
and from a person who is not a member, It has to be remembered that it is
very easy to set up an email account and say you are the XJS Club, but your
true email identification will also be shown. It is also possible that
whoever has sent this email out only has limited details or everyone would
have got one by now.

All I can say is please be vigilant and be very suspicious of any
attachment that you have no knowledge of.

Kind regards

Martin Gliddon
Media Manager XJS club